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Ontario Hansard - 10-April2014


Mr. John O'Toole: A point of order.

The Deputy Speaker (Mr. Bas Balkissoon): A point of order for the member for Durham.

Mr. John O'Toole: It's with deep regret today that-I'm a friend of Jim Flaherty, and it has just been announced that he is deceased. On behalf of the Conservative caucus and Tim Hudak, we extend our deepest regrets and deepest sympathy and support to Christine and his family and thank him dearly for all he has contributed. At 64 years of age-it's too young to lose such a wonderful person and leader. Thank you.

The Deputy Speaker (Mr. Bas Balkissoon): Point of order, the Minister of Transportation.

Hon. Glen R. Murray: I just want to join the member for Durham. Jim was a friend. As many of you know, Jaime Watt and I were business partners, and Jaime was very close.

He was one of Canada's most remarkable public servants, one of our greatest finance ministers, someone who has contributed to the life of Canadians and Ontarians, someone I had huge respect for and had the pleasure to seek his advice from time to time.

To Christine and to the family, this is a terrible loss for all of us.

On behalf of the Liberal Party and the Premier, we express our deepest and most profound condolences to all of you, especially to our friends in the party opposite, to Christine and to her family.

I think that Jim provides a role model for so many of us in public service. I'm sure we'll have time to reflect on his remarkable contributions to our country. Thank you. God bless.

The Deputy Speaker (Mr. Bas Balkissoon): Thank you, Minister.

Point of order, the member from Windsor-Tecumseh.

Mr. Percy Hatfield: Just before I ask for a moment of silence in recognition of the passing of Mr. Flaherty. I didn't know him well. When I was a reporter covering provincial elections or throne speeches, or when visiting ministers would come through, I really enjoyed spending time with Mr. Flaherty. As you know, his personality was effervescent. To me, he was always very friendly, very approachable. I was saddened last year, or whenever it was, when we first heard that he had a serious health condition. I followed his political career quite astutely, and I'm just shocked. I can't believe the news we just heard here.

If it is in order, I'd would ask that we rise for a moment of silence.

The Deputy Speaker (Mr. Bas Balkissoon): I would ask everyone in the chamber to stand and observe a moment of silence.

The House observed a moment's silence.

The Deputy Speaker (Mr. Bas Balkissoon): The member from Eglinton-Lawrence.

Mr. Mike Colle: Given the devastating news, and Jim having served in this House in an incredibly positive way, it can't be business as usual. I think we've got to have at least a 15-minute or half-hour recess. It can't be business as usual. We've got to have at least a recess in respect.

The Deputy Speaker (Mr. Bas Balkissoon): I have a request from the member for unanimous consent for a 20-minute recess. Agreed? Agreed.

The House stands recessed for 20 minutes.

The House recessed from 1424 to 1446.

The Deputy Speaker (Mr. Bas Balkissoon): Having received representation from the House leaders, I presume leave of the House to carry over the private members' business to a later date and that the Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs adjourn.

This House stands adjourned until 10:30 a.m. on Monday.

The House adjourned at 1446.



Companies Statute Law Amendment Act, 2014, Bill 85, Ms. MacCharles / Loi de 2014 modifiant des lois visant les compagnies, projet de loi 85, Mme MacCharles

Hon. Tracy MacCharles 6615

Mr. Vic Dhillon 6616

Mr. John O'Toole 6617

Mr. Percy Hatfield 6617

Hon. Glen R. Murray 6617

Mrs. Julia Munro 6618

Hon. Tracy MacCharles 6618

Mr. Toby Barrett 6618

Second reading debate deemed adjourned 6624


The Speaker (Hon. Dave Levac) 6624

Hon. Madeleine Meilleur 6624

Mr. Monte McNaughton 6624

Ms. Catherine Fife 6624

Hon. Jeff Leal 6624

Mr. John O'Toole 6624

Hon. Ted McMeekin 6624

Mr. John Yakabuski 6625

M. Grant Crack 6625

The Speaker (Hon. Dave Levac) 6625


Executive compensation

Mr. Monte McNaughton 6625

Hon. Kathleen O. Wynne 6625

Health care

Mrs. Christine Elliott 6626

Hon. Deborah Matthews 6626

Power plants

Ms. Andrea Horwath 6627

Hon. Kathleen O. Wynne 6627

Hon. John Milloy 6627

Power plants

Ms. Andrea Horwath 6627

Hon. Kathleen O. Wynne 6628

Hon. John Milloy 6628

Air ambulance service

Mr. Frank Klees 6628

Hon. Deborah Matthews 6628

Power plants

Mr. Peter Tabuns 6629

Hon. John Milloy 6629

Pan Am Games

Mr. Shafiq Qaadri 6629

Hon. Michael Chan 6630

Power plants

Mr. Victor Fedeli 6630

Hon. Kathleen O. Wynne 6630

Job creation

Ms. Teresa J. Armstrong 6631

Hon. Eric Hoskins 6631

Ms. Peggy Sattler 6631

School nutrition programs

Ms. Soo Wong 6632

Hon. Teresa Piruzza 6632

Liquor Control Board of Ontario

Ms. Sylvia Jones 6632

Hon. Charles Sousa 6632

Horse racing industry

Mr. Percy Hatfield 6633

Hon. Kathleen O. Wynne 6633

Victims of crime

Ms. Mitzie Hunter 6633

Hon. Madeleine Meilleur 6633

Hospital funding

Mr. Jim Wilson 6634

Hon. Deborah Matthews 6634

Employment standards

Mr. Michael Prue 6635

Hon. Kevin Daniel Flynn 6635


Mr. Joe Dickson 6635

Hon. David Orazietti 6635


Mr. Rob Leone 6636

Hon. Brad Duguid 6636

Ms. Mitzie Hunter 6636

Private members' public business

The Speaker (Hon. Dave Levac) 6636


Climate change

Mr. Randy Pettapiece 6636

Safe digging

Mr. Paul Miller 6636

Markham Skating Club

Ms. Helena Jaczek 6636

Anti-bullying initiatives

Mr. Rob Leone 6637


Mr. Shafiq Qaadri 6637

Volunteer firefighters

Mr. Ted Arnott 6637

Jack O'Neil

Ms. Cindy Forster 6638

Jewish Heritage Month

Mr. Mike Colle 6638

School bus safety patrollers

Mr. Bill Walker 6638


Tax Fairness for Realtors Act, 2014, Bill 188, Mr. Smith / Loi de 2014 sur l'équité fiscale pour les courtiers en valeurs immobilières, projet de loi 188, M. Smith

First reading agreed to 6639

Mr. Todd Smith 6639


Private members' public business

Hon. John Milloy 6639

Motion agreed to 6639


National Volunteer Week

Hon. Michael Coteau 6639

Ms. Sylvia Jones 6640

Mr. Michael Prue 6640


Physiotherapy services

Mr. Jerry J. Ouellette 6641


Mrs. Donna H. Cansfield 6641

Ontario College of Trades

Mrs. Julia Munro 6641

Éducation en français

M. Taras Natyshak 6642


Ms. Helena Jaczek 6642

Workplace insurance

Mr. Victor Fedeli 6642

French-language education

Mr. Michael Prue 6642

Agricultural colleges

Mrs. Julia Munro 6643

Ontario Drug Benefit Program

Mr. Taras Natyshak 6643

Natural gas rates

Mr. John O'Toole 6643

Energy policies

Mr. Michael Prue 6643

Long-term care

Mr. Victor Fedeli 6644

Youth mental health

Mrs. Julia Munro 6644


Winter road maintenance

Ms. Sarah Campbell 6644

Mr. Jim McDonell 6646

Mr. Michael Mantha 6647

Mr. Victor Fedeli 6648

Mr. John Vanthof 6649

Debate deemed adjourned 6649

Jim Flaherty

Mr. John O'Toole 6649

Hon. Glen R. Murray 6649

Mr. Percy Hatfield 6649

Mr. Mike Colle 6650

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