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Ontario Hansard - 24-June1993


The Acting Speaker (Mr Noble Villeneuve): We will now proceed with ballot item number 17, second reading of Bill 45, Mr Murphy's bill.

Are there any members opposed to having a vote on this bill? If so, please rise. Seeing none, is it the pleasure of the House that the motion carry?

All those in favour of Mr Murphy's bill please say "aye."

All those opposed please say "nay."

In my opinion, the ayes have it.

Call in the members. A five-minute bell.

The division bells rang from 1201 to 1206.

The Acting Speaker: Would all members please take their seats.

Mr Norman W. Sterling (Carleton): On a point of order, Mr Speaker: I want to indicate at this time, before a vote is taken on second reading, that it is my intention, regardless of how the vote turns out, to raise whether or not this bill is in order because of the fact of our Constitution not allowing a private member's bill on expenditures from the general revenue fund.

The Acting Speaker: We are now dealing with ballot item number 17, Mr Murphy's Bill 45.

All those in favour of Mr Murphy's bill, please rise and remain standing until identified by the Clerk.


Akande, Boyd, Caplan, Carter, Charlton, Churley, Cooper, Curling, Drainville, Frankford, Gigantes, Grier, Haeck, Hansen, Harrington, Huget, Johnson (Prince Edward-Lennox-South Hastings), Kormos, Kwinter, Lankin, Laughren, Lessard, Mackenzie, MacKinnon, Malkowski, Marchese, Martin, Mathyssen, McLeod, Morrow, Murdock (Sudbury), Murphy, O'Connor, Owens, Philip (Etobicoke-Rexdale), Rae, Rizzo, Silipo, Swarbrick, Wildman, Wilson (Frontenac-Addington), Wilson (Kingston and The Islands), Winninger.


The Acting Speaker: Order, please. All those opposed to Mr Murphy's bill, please rise and remain standing until named by the Clerk.


Callahan, Carr, Cousens, Cunningham, Daigeler, Eddy, Hayes, Jordan, Runciman, Sterling, Tilson, Turnbull, Witmer.

The Acting Speaker: The ayes are 43; the nays 13. I therefore declare the bill carried. Shall the bill be ordered for committee of the whole House?

Interjections: Justice committee.

The Acting Speaker: Do we have a majority in favour of the justice committee? Agreed. The bill will go to justice.

Hon Floyd Laughren (Minister of Finance): On a point of order, Mr Speaker: In view of the comments from the member for Carleton concerning a private member's bill causing the expenditure of funds or a reduction in revenues, I wonder if, while you're looking at Bill 45, which he asked you to do, you'll also look at Bill 46, standing in the name of Mr Jordan, which calls for tax exemptions.

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