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Ontario Hansard - 08-June2023

Mrs. Lisa Gretzky: Speaker, I can tell you, as a former trustee, that this government and the government before them have chronically underfunded special education, and that increase the minister just mentioned is less than the rate of inflation. When we’re talking about school boards already behind in having funding for special-education students, it’s those students and their families that are suffering because you will not invest adequately so that their needs are met.

In fact, Speaker, in Lambton-Kent, the province is only funding a quarter of the special-education needs. Toronto District School Board has a $67.6-million shortfall when it comes to special education. As I said, in the Greater Essex County District School Board, their shortfall is projected at $10.2 million. They’ve already said it’s going to cost them $5.4 million for special education this coming school year.

Speaker, students across Ontario with special-education needs, their parents and families deserve a government that is making the necessary investments to see all students thrive. Will the Premier stop shortchanging students with special-education needs and properly fund the special-education programming and supports that all students need to thrive?

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