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Ontario Hansard - 16-February2021

Hon. Doug Ford: Through you, Mr. Speaker: We aren’t transitioning without approval of the chief medical officer—which we always have, because I won’t waiver from the advice that he gives us—and the health team.

But we have to thank the people of Ontario, because unlike what the Leader of the Opposition said, with the collaboration of everyone except the NDP and the Liberals, we were able to bring the numbers down. ICU units are actually going down, the capacity that is there right now. The numbers are going down.

We have to make sure that we continue following the protocols and the guidelines of the chief medical officer, but we will never take our eye off the ball. We will always be working 24/7, which we have been for the last year, every single day: Saturday, Sunday—even on the holidays we work, unlike some other folks, Mr. Speaker. We’re going to continue being very vigilant when it comes to this.

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