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Ontario Hansard - 19-November2020

Hon. Stephen Lecce: Mr. Speaker, the decision point and the context of looking around the holidays to make sure our kids remain safe, that decision was made on the advice exclusively of the Chief Medical Officer of Health and the public health tables. That is a matter of fact.

In the context of what we’re doing in this province and the context of our schools, we have put in place a plan, fully supported by the Chief Medical Officer of Health, fully funded by our province and evidence-informed. The evidence that underpins our plan demonstrates it’s keeping kids safe: the fact that 99% of kids are COVID-free, the fact that 99.5% of staff are COVID-free, the fact that 85% of schools have never had a COVID case. It underscores that we’re doing something right in this province, led by our teachers, by the sacrifice of our parents and by our public health leaders, and we are proud of each and every one of them.

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