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Ontario Hansard - 02-November2020

Hon. Merrilee Fullerton: Thanks again to the member opposite for the question. This is something I want to emphasize is ongoing: making sure that our homes are getting the staffing they need and the PPE support that they need. There are no critical situations with the homes. There are no critical staffing shortages. The homes are working—in some cases it’s voluntary management contracts or mandatory management orders with the hospitals involved. In the Ottawa area, there are four homes that have resident cases. The others do not, even though they are considered in outbreak, and that’s because of the definition that I keep mentioning.

Also, making sure that there’s communication with families: I think that that is something that is one of those lessons learned, that we are making sure that those homes have the ability to communicate with their loved ones. Looking at making sure that we have the infection prevention and control measures in there, these homes are all partnered with hospitals across the province to make sure that they have the necessary expertise.

I thank you for your question.

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