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Ontario Hansard - 28-October2020

Hon. Merrilee Fullerton: Thank you for the question.

Vermont Square is a high priority for us in the Ministry of Long-Term Care—working with all the various groups that are supporting this home right now and have been supporting it, including the hospital, including public health, including Ontario Health; making sure that there is PPE and staffing is made supportive.

Again, many, many homes that experienced outbreaks in wave 1 were experiencing critical staffing shortages. In wave 2, right now, there are no homes with critical staffing levels because we’re getting them the help that they need—including the PPE and the six to eight weeks that our government announced a couple of weeks ago; to make sure that all our homes are equipped with that—so the staffing, the PPE, the infection prevention and control, making sure that our residents have our support and that all families get communications from their home.

Vermont Square has been getting the support that it needs, and we will continue to provide Vermont Square with the help that it needs.

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