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Ontario Hansard - 28-May2019

Ms. Andrea Horwath: My final question in this round is to the Premier again. But I’ve got to say, the Premier and his caucus and his cabinet like to call everybody “fear-mongerers.” Well, they’re nothing but beer-mongerers.

Yesterday, the Financial Accountability Office tabled their report looking into spending at the Ministry of Health. The Premier insists that spending is on the increase, but when the FAO dove into the numbers, they found something quite different.

Perhaps the backbenchers would like to hear exactly what the FAO said in this report, Speaker, and I’ll tell you what they note: “The 2019 budget projects a net spending reduction of $2.7 billion over the next two years.” This is in the Ministry of Health. They also note: “The FAO cannot disclose the $2.7 billion reduction ... by program area, as the province has deemed this information to be a cabinet record.”

Can the Premier tell us what health services he plans to cut in order to find $2.7 billion and why the Ford government would try to keep that information secret?


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