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Ontario Hansard - 22-November2016

Mr. Steve Clark: I’m going to again try to go back to the Attorney General. There are numerous ministers who have stepped down when they’ve been named in an investigation: my predecessor Senator Runciman, the member for Simcoe–Grey, the former Liberal finance minister, Greg Sorbara. They all left office until the ethical questions that surrounded them had been cleared. Speaker, I can’t for the life of me understand why this Minister of Energy has not already tendered his resignation. I can’t understand it. It’s beyond me.

Again, we’re talking about doing the honourable thing. We’re asking what Ontarians expect that he would have already done. The people who had elected him in that by-election in Sudbury all think the same way. They can’t understand why you haven’t already tendered your resignation and stepped aside.

Speaker, I’m going to give him another chance. Attorney General, refer the matter under 37(e) to the Minister of Energy: Will the Minister of Energy do the right thing? Will he resign?

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