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Ontario Hansard - 28-March2013

Mr. Randy Hillier: Tomorrow is an interesting and significant day in the constitutional history of Canada. By happenstance, both the British North America Act and the Canada Act received royal assent on March 29. This March 29 is the 146th anniversary of the royal assent of the BNA Act and the 31st anniversary of the Canada Act.

Unfortunately, many Canadians are not well-informed when it comes to our Constitution and our history. While our Constitution and our charter aren't perfect, they are the highest law in our land. They are the only laws that restrain government.

I recently came across an Ontario high school entry exam from 1925, which required grade 8 students to know the provisions of the BNA Act. It amazes me yet disappoints me how little knowledge many have of these significant pieces of our country's history.

That's why today I'll be tabling a bill to commemorate and proclaim March 29 of each year as Constitution Day here in the province of Ontario and hopefully raise the knowledge of people to that of what we expected of grade 8 students in 1925.

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