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Ontario Hansard - 18-April2011

Mr. Frank Klees: This is national Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness Week. I and my colleagues in the PC caucus want to encourage anyone who has not yet registered their consent to be an organ donor to do so.

Yesterday, the Premier sent out a Twitter message in which he pointed out that there are some 1,500 people on a wait-list for an organ transplant. "Please sign up," he said. Sadly, his link directs people to an antiquated, cumbersome and unreliable system of registration.

It has now been more than four years since we first called for an online registry, and there are at least 26 other recommendations that the government's own Citizens Panel on Increasing Organ Donations recommended in March 2007.

While the government delays, one person dies every three days while on that wait-list here in Ontario. But it doesn't have to be that way. I call once again on the McGuinty government to make organ donation a priority. Simply sending out social media messages and press releases about the importance of organ donation falls far short of the government's responsibility on this important issue.

The 1,500 patients on that wait-list for an organ transplant, thousands more in need of tissue transplants, their families and friends want to know when this government will do more than pay lip service to the importance of organ and tissue donation.

When can we expect to see an online registry, and when will we see a commitment to implementing the recommendations of the government's own citizens panel?

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