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Ontario Hansard - 18-April2011

Mr. Tim Hudak: Minister, you say your budget is out three years. It didn't last three weeks. You've already backtracked on your cuts to executive pay; you've totally gone off the rails on your so-called wage freeze; and your agency, board and commission review is a joke-0.0002% savings. No wonder people want to see a change in the province of Ontario, a change that will cut the bloated bureaucracy, a change that will increase front-line health care spending.

Here's where our party stands: We will increase the health care budget and put the money into the front lines to reduce the bureaucracy, close the LHINs and pare down the bloated administrative costs. All we see from the McGuinty Liberals is yet another greedy tax grab.

Minister, if you can't do the job, why don't you just step aside?

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