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Ontario Hansard - 24-March2011

Mr. Frank Klees: Long-term care is on the brink of a crisis in this province, and although the McGuinty government claims all is well, the residents who live in the long-term-care homes, their families and the staff who care for them know better. They're making their concerns known through thousands of postcards that are being delivered to MPPs.

For the benefit of the Premier and the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care, here is what those postcards say:

"Dear MPP:

"I've sent you this card to let you know I support the teams that care for the 100,000 residents served each year in Ontario's long-term-care homes. From nurses and personal support workers to housekeeping and laundry staff, to food service workers and maintenance people, each member of those teams ensures a caring and safe home. They deserve our support.

"These teams play an important role in the quality of life and well-being of some of Ontario's frailest elderly. They are the dedicated people who provide care and service to residents all day, every day, yet these teams are threatened because government funding is not keeping pace with increasing resident care needs and regulatory demands.

"Please work to ensure there is appropriate funding to support these teams so they can continue to support Ontario's long-term-care residents. Thank you."

I'm calling on the government to listen to this appeal and make long-term care in this province a priority.

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