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Ontario Hansard - 10-March2011

Mr. Jim Wilson: I have a petition on behalf of Simcoe county paramedics.

"To the Legislative Assembly of Ontario:

"Whereas several paramedics in Simcoe county had their pensions affected when paramedic services were transferred to the county of Simcoe, as their pensions were not transferred with them from" the Hospitals of Ontario Pension Trust and the OPSEU Trust "to OMERS, meaning they will receive significantly reduced pensions because their transfer did not recognize their years of credited service; and

"Whereas, when these paramedics started with their new employer, the county of Simcoe, their past pensionable years were not recognized because of existing pension legislation; and

"Whereas the government's own Expert Commission on Pensions has recommended that government move swiftly to address this issue; and

"Whereas the government should recognize this issue as a technicality and not penalize hard-working paramedics;

"We, the undersigned, petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as follows:

"That the Minister of Finance support Simcoe-Grey MPP Jim Wilson's resolution that calls upon the government to address this issue immediately and ensure that any legislation or regulation allows paramedics in Simcoe county who were affected by the divestment of paramedic services in the 1990s and beyond to transfer their pensions to OMERS from" the Hospitals of Ontario Pension Plan or OPSEU Trust.

I agree with the petition and will sign it.

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