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Ontario Hansard - 06-December2010

Mr. Tim Hudak: Well, sadly, Premier, there's no opportunity for another province to follow Ontario when we're dead last when it comes to economic growth and job creation in the province. That is the legacy of the McGuinty government, on top of the billions of dollars wasted at eHealth, wasted at OLG, wasted at the Niagara Parks Commission, Cancer Care Ontario, MPAC. The only endless string is the endless string of McGuinty government scandals that have wasted money and cut services to Ontario families who pay the bills.

Premier, you've already closed down Fort Erie's ER. You've closed down Port Colborne's ER. Now you have St. Marys hospital in your sights as well. But you are putting $250 million into regional health bureaucracies called LHINs. Premier, won't you admit your bloated bureaucracy, the LHINs, is a tragic mistake that-

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