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Ontario Hansard - 08-December2009

Mr. Frank Klees: The Ontario Medal for Police Bravery is awarded annually to courageous police officers to honour acts of outstanding heroism in the line of duty.

On November 27 of this year, I had the privilege to attend the Lieutenant Governor's presentation of medals for police bravery. Among the recipients were six York regional constables: Sean Boyes, Gregory Douglas Whyte, Sean Doran, Gilbert Farquhar, Wade McGhee and James Ward.

These officers distinguished themselves on Halloween night of 2008 in Richmond Hill when they came on the scene of a tragic two-car collision where one car had burst into flames with three people trapped inside. The officers reacted immediately to try to save the occupants by reaching through the flames for the passengers, of whom only the driver survived. All six police officers were transferred to hospital for treatment for smoke inhalation and burns. Without their heroic actions there would not have been any survivors.

I know that all members of the Legislature will join with me in paying special tribute to these six courageous York region police officers who so heroically put their own lives at risk to protect the members of their community. I want to pay tribute today to all police officers who daily place themselves in harm's way on our behalf.

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