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Ontario Hansard - 14-June2006

Mr. Frank Klees (Oak Ridges): On May 27, 2006, Rob and Lisa Manchester lost their lives in a crash that left their seven-year-old daughter Katie an orphan. One week later, on June 3, Allison Hickey and Mark Radman were seriously injured in a reported street race and are today fighting for their lives at Sunnybrook Hospital. And just last night, another street race in Etobicoke left the driver involved in critical condition.

I'm calling on the government today to immediately call Bill 122, the street racing bill, for second and third reading and to move without delay to implement its provisions and send the message that street racing is illegal and dangerous and will not be tolerated in Ontario.

The street racing bill includes provisions that would empower police officers to issue on-the-spot licence suspensions and vehicle impoundment. For those convicted of street racing, the bill provides for fines of up to $2,000 and six-month jail terms. Furthermore, nitrous oxide systems used by street racers to transform their vehicles into deadly, out-of-control killing machines are banned from public highways.

We cannot legislate responsibility, but as legislators, we do have the responsibility to ensure that our police officers and the justice system have the authority and resources to protect innocent lives and ensure that irresponsible and dangerous actions have the appropriate consequences in law.

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