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Ontario Hansard - 13-June2005

Mr. Frank Klees (Oak Ridges): On June 1, over 700 individuals from across Ontario who work in the collision repair industry gathered for a one-day symposium to highlight the state of their industry. The organizer of the symposium, Rosanna Armata, is to be commended for such an outstanding event and for the daily efforts she puts forward in attempting to forge a trade association dedicated to the collision repair industry.

I would also like to acknowledge the individual who has worked tirelessly on this issue and who first brought it to my attention in 1998. Mr. Julius Suraski is the industry's strongest advocate, and I look forward to seeing his new venture, a magazine entitled Car Care Professionals, come off the presses next week.

Representatives from all aspects of the collision repair industry came together on June 1. They were represented by members of the Collision Industry Action Group, the Collision Industry Standards Council of Ontario and the Automobile Repair Regulatory Council. They came to discuss the lack of regulation of this industry, despite the passage of the Collision Repair Standards Act in December 2002.

This is a mature, thoughtful and responsible industry, and the time has come to either implement the Collision Repair Standards Act or to do something in its place. I urge the Minister of Consumer and Business Services to move forward on this file. If there are changes to be made to the bill, talk to the industry, and let's get on with it in the interest of consumer safety and industry stability. The collision repair industry and the consumers of Ontario have waited too long. It's time for action.

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