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Ontario Hansard - 06-April2005

Mr. Frank Klees (Oak Ridges): Dalton McGuinty made this unqualified promise to autistic children and their parents: "The Ontario Liberals support extending autism treatment beyond the age of six." That same Dalton McGuinty said, "I ... believe that the lack of government-funded IBI treatment for autistic children over six is unfair and discriminatory."

Those promises were made while Dalton McGuinty was scratching for votes in every corner of the province and behind every issue. So desperately did he want to be Premier that no promise was withheld and no issue was beyond his political ambition.

He is now Premier, and while he and his ministers have the titles, the offices and the trappings of power, they have lost the respect, the trust and the confidence of the very people who entrusted them with leadership responsibilities.

Integrity is about keeping your word, doing what is right and having the courage to face difficult issues head-on. This Legislature and the people of Ontario have witnessed their Premier fail autistic children and their parents on all three counts. He did not keep his word, he did not do what is right, and he did not even have the courage to face those with whom he broke faith, choosing rather to turn his back on those to whom he made commitments, refusing to take responsibility, and deflecting any and all questions on this important issue to his ministers, who equally, in turn, were evasive.

The people of Ontario deserve better.

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