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Ontario Hansard - 12-December1975

Hon. Mr. Davis: Sure we do, and some do it better than others. I don’t deny that for a moment. I want to say this, that I have looked back a little bit, because I think we have to retain our perspective. It was some two years ago that this government and the Treasurer called upon the federal government for restraints; it has not been in the last three months or four months.

Some two years ago we began to call for less government spending, for guidelines and for some sort of restriction on an economy that was expanding at great social cost to every participant therein. Maybe even more directly, in July, 1974 -- we can recall that date -- a politician for whom I have very great respect, the Hon. Robert Stanfield, went to this country and asked for a mandate not only for a freeze on wages, not only for a freeze on salaries, but also a freeze on profits and dividends and prices. That was not that long ago. And what did the federal allies of my good friend the Leader of the Opposition do?

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