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Ontario Hansard - 20-May2021



Mr. Tom Rakocevic: This petition is from the Elementary Teachers of Toronto. It was very pertinent before, during and certainly will be very pertinent after this pandemic. It’s entitled “Don’t Increase Class Sizes or Cancel Full-Day Kindergarten.

“Whereas the vast majority of parents, students, and educators support smaller class sizes and the current model of full-day kindergarten and want the best education possible for the students of Ontario; and

“Whereas larger class sizes negatively impact the quality of education, reduce access to teaching resources, and significantly diminish teacher-student interactions; and

“Whereas the impact of larger class sizes will be particularly detrimental to students who need additional support; and

“Whereas Ontario has an internationally recognized public education system that requires careful attention and the investment to ensure all of our students can succeed;

“We, the undersigned, petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario to commit to reducing class sizes, maintain the current model of full-day kindergarten, and make the necessary investments in public education to build the schools our students deserve.”

I certainly support this petition. I will be signing my name to it and giving it to the Clerk, who will be coming here shortly.


Mr. Roman Baber: Petition to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario:

“Whereas remote learning adversely affects the health and mental health of Ontario’s children;

“Whereas many Ontario children exhibit increased signs of anxiety and depression;

“Whereas learning at home increases the risk of eating disorders;

“Whereas in-class education is essential for the proper development of social and interpersonal skills;

“Whereas the academic skills of Ontario’s children are regressing;

“Whereas the risk of transmission of COVID-19 amongst children is significantly lower than that of adults;

“Whereas the risk of illness or adverse effects of COVID-19 are significantly lower to children than adults;

“Whereas single-parent families are particularly inconvenienced and cannot maintain full-time work;

“Whereas suicide rates among children are on the rise;

“Whereas women in particular are forced to leave the workforce to care for children at home;

“Whereas parents are struggling to balance home, work and family responsibilities;

“Whereas schools have not shown to be sources of spread;

“Whereas Ontario’s children are suffering and need to be back in school;

“Therefore we, the undersigned, petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as follows:

“To call on the government of Ontario to return all of Ontario’s students back to school immediately.”

I’m pleased to support this petition and join the 12,225 Ontarians who have signed it already.


Mr. Dave Smith: I have a petition entitled “Christopher’s Law Amendment Act, 2020.

“To the Legislative Assembly of Ontario:

“Whereas the government of Ontario’s top priority always has been and will continue to be the safety of its citizens; and

“Whereas our neighbourhoods, schools and charities that work with vulnerable people deserve the resources to be safe; and

“Whereas we need to strengthen the tools available in order to keep our children safe; and

“Whereas our government has zero tolerance for sexual abuse of Ontario’s students and children, and we will continue to take any and all measures possible to protect Ontario’s most vulnerable;

“Whereas, if passed, Christopher’s Law Amendment Act, 2020, would require the ministry to make the information recorded on the Sex Offender Registry available to the public in accordance with the regulations;

“Therefore we, the undersigned, petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as follows:

“That the Legislative Assembly of Ontario vote on and pass the Christopher’s Law Amendment Act, 2020.”

I thoroughly endorse this and will send it down to the table.


Mr. Mike Schreiner: I have a petition from optometrists from my riding of Guelph.

“To the Legislative Assembly of Ontario:

“Whereas the Ontario government has underfunded optometric eye care for 30 years; and

“Whereas the government only covers an average of 55% of the cost of an OHIP-insured visit, the lowest rate in Canada; and

“Whereas optometrists must absorb the other 45% for the over four million services delivered annually under OHIP; and

“Whereas optometrists have never been given a formal negotiation process with the government; and

“Whereas the government’s continued neglect resulted in 96% of Ontario optometrists voting to withdraw OHIP services beginning September 1, 2021;

“We, the undersigned, petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as follows:

“To instruct the Ontario government to immediately commit to legally binding, formal negotiations to ensure any future OHIP-insured optometry services are, at a minimum, funded at the cost of delivery.”

I support this petition. I will sign it and send it to the table.

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