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Ontario Hansard - 02-November2021


Mr. Rick Nicholls: My question is to the Minister of Health. Minister, you’ve stated that no child has been vaccinated without having had parental consent. You’ve also stated that the side effects to the vaccines are being reported. Well, I’ve received correspondence informing me of some very disturbing news:

—severe skin blistering after having his second shot, but his doctor wouldn’t report it to VAERS;

—a teenage daughter received the vaccine without the mother giving consent; and

—recently, a 54-year-old doctor died in his sleep after receiving his third Pfizer dose, a booster.

Many who had COVID chose not to seek hospitalized treatment for fear that they would be given remdesivir, a drug recommended by the Ontario science table for hospitalized patients at over $3,000 per treatment, yet the World Health Organization cautioned against the use of the drug as being ineffective, plus it had significant renal and liver toxicity. They also feared being put on ventilators, with high risk of death.

My question is, Minister, what are you willing to do to address these inconsistencies in reporting and concerns about pharmaceutical treatments that could cause more harm than good?

Hon. Christine Elliott: Speaker, what I would say, through you to the member, is vaccination against COVID is your best protection. It will save your life. It will save your life, and we’ve seen that by the countless millions of Ontarians who have already received the vaccine. We’re recommending it for everyone. We’re preparing for children aged five to 11 to receive the vaccines, but no one will receive a vaccine without it going through very careful scrutiny.

These vaccines have been approved by the World Health Organization, the Food and Drug Administration in the US, Health Canada and the National Advisory Committee on Immunization. All of those organizations have indicated that it is far safer for you to receive the vaccine because it will prevent you, in most cases, from being hospitalized and being in intensive care. But ultimately, what’s most important is they will save your life. That’s what’s most important.

The Speaker (Hon. Ted Arnott): Supplementary question.

Mr. Rick Nicholls: Back to the minister: I’ve been in contact with a number of medical experts in Ontario and the US who are widely accredited in their fields of expertise. They’ve expressed their willingness to make themselves available for a publicly accessible discussion via Zoom to discuss effective early treatment for and prophylaxis measures against COVID-19, to reduce the risk of hospitalization and death and risk of long COVID.

Minister, the other day I asked you to welcome an open debate that engaged doctors on both sides of the vaccine issue and the therapeutics for early outpatient treatment of COVID. Many face unemployment because they are hesitant to receive the vaccines, creating a labour crisis in all sectors, including health care.

So, Minister Elliott, would you agree to facilitate this discussion between your senior health team officials and engage these individuals on this topic of public interest? Overall, it will give our public health officials an excellent opportunity to inform the public about their views on this topic and to exchange ideas of interest for the benefit of all.


The Speaker (Hon. Ted Arnott): Again, members, please make your comments through the Chair.

Minister of Health.

Hon. Christine Elliott: The short answer to your question is no. It is very commonly accepted in Ontario by medical advisers that we’re speaking to, by the Ontario Medical Association, by our Chief Medical Officer of Health, by the science advisory table that the best way to deal with COVID-19, to protect your health, the health of your loved ones, the health of your community is to receive the vaccine. There is no other answer to that. It will save your life.
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