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Ontario Hansard - 25-October2021


Mr. Rick Nicholls: My question is to the Minister of Health. In order to get the vaccine numbers up, the science table recommended kids 12 to 17 be vaxxed. You may remember how when I was back in caucus, I even questioned the safety of such a move. What scientific data? What clinical testing? Size of the test group? Short-, mid- and long-term side effects? It was all inconclusive.

Now many students have developed irreparable heart issues—myocarditis—and then decisions were made to jab kids without the need of parental consent. Only informed consent was given—by whom? Peer pressure, coercion, and now you want to inject kids five to 11 years old? How do we know these jabs will be safe? My big guess is that Big Pharma doesn’t really know with certainty, but were given a get-out-of-jail card free because of the rush under emergency-use authorization. Yet unintended consequences are not acceptable, and I am fighting for my grandkids and the millions of others who have suffered way too much.

So my question, Minister, is: Why is the government pushing so hard to inject little ones with an experimental drug without parental consent? Doing so is criminal, unconstitutional and illegal.

The Speaker (Hon. Ted Arnott): I’m going to ask the member to withdraw.

Mr. Rick Nicholls: I withdraw.

The Speaker (Hon. Ted Arnott): Minister of Health.

Hon. Christine Elliott: Thank you very much, Speaker. Let me say, through you to the member, that we are not speaking about an experimental drug. These vaccines have been accredited internationally by the World Health Organization, by the FDA and by Health Canada, as well as by the National Advisory Committee on Immunization. They are safe, they are effective and they are saving lives.

We do not give any inoculations or vaccinations to children where parental consent is required. We do not do that. We always obtain parental consent if it is necessary. The 12- to 17-year-olds are already being inoculated. We are waiting for Health Canada consent to be able to inoculate children ages five to 11. But it is safe, it is vital and they are saving lives, hospitalizations and intensive care unit admissions.

The Speaker (Hon. Ted Arnott): The supplementary question.

Mr. Rick Nicholls: Back to the Minister of Health: Doctors are seeing increases in unexpected vascular adverse reactions in their patients. These include strokes, heart attacks, blood clots and a never-seen-before concept of microvascular clotting. This is suggested by huge increases in a clotting test called D-dimer.

In the vaccine clinical trials, the pharmaceutical companies never tested any subjects’ blood in the large phase 3 trials, and now you want to start jabbing kids five to 11. Don’t you think that until these trials are completed, the administration of these experimental products should be halted before more Canadians of all ages are harmed?


How can the minister and Health Canada assure Canadians the vaccines are safe when they never looked for safety signals which were so easy to perform?

Hon. Christine Elliott: Once again, we are not speaking about experimental drugs. These are vaccines that have been tested at the highest levels. I’m not in a position to comment on the specific trials that were conducted and the effects of them because I’m not a doctor, nor is the member opposite. However, we do know that people who are experts in this field, the epidemiologists, the people who have developed the vaccines—they have been tested and tested, and they are working. They are saving lives. They are saving young people, teens, adults and seniors. We can see that by what’s happening in Ontario right now. We have one of the lowest rates of hospitalizations in our intensive care unit. Our intensive care unit now has about 130 people in it, whereas months ago, before these vaccines were being delivered, we were at 600, 700, 800. Clearly these vaccines are working, clearly they are safe, and clearly they are needed for everyone in Ontario.
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