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Ontario Hansard - 12-December2017


Mr. Monte McNaughton: Over a month ago, the staff at Pinery Provincial Park, in the municipality of Lambton Shores, was instructed to clear out law-abiding and fee-paying visitors and to put up barricades to close the park. Ostensibly, this action was taken for safety, following a notice of repossession issued to the Premier and the Minister of Natural Resources by two individuals.

This was after a court of law had already established that there is no legal or historical standing for this land claim. The local band, the Chippewas of Kettle and Stony Point First Nation, have been clear: They do not support this claim. Yet the park remained entirely closed to the public for weeks and it is still closed for camping today.

During that time, Pinery park lost tens of thousands of dollars in revenue. School trips to the park have been cancelled, camping reservations revoked and people who want and deserve access to the park have been turned away.

This government has failed to uphold the rule of law. While they continue to have conversations with the individuals making the baseless claim, the rest of the community has been left in the dark. Anger and resentment are growing.

I strongly urge the Premier and the minister to resolve this issue and to restore the people of Ontario’s rightful access to Pinery Provincial Park.

Open the park to the people of Ontario.

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